About Us

altos & friends is a family office investing in two types of companies: Very early-stage tech start-ups and late-stage private equity deals.

We usually do not take board seats and do not lead investment rounds. In VC deals we typically syndicate with like-minded business angels. On the PE-side we coinvest with leading PE firms.

Our founder Jörg Sperling was directly involved in almost 50 transactions as an investor, buyer or seller. Jörg has worked in leading roles in the investment industry, including at Ridgewood Capital and Infineon Ventures in Silicon Valley, most recently as Managing Partner at Alpina Partners in Munich. He successfully exited many investments via IPO and trade sale.

Jörg Sperling holds a degree in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen University and worked as a researcher in the field of semiconductors at Technion in Israel and at AT&T Bell Laboratories in the USA. In addition, he has held senior positions in global sales for several semiconductor companies in Europe and the United States.


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